Surak Class
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Specs & Schematics

Science ship
Length: 206m
Beam: 126.4m
Height: 69.2m
Decks: 9

Detailed orthographic views

Revised starboard view
Class patch

USS Surak dedication plaque


Design History

The Surak Class starship, designed at Starfleet's Vulcan Starship Design Research facility (VSDR), has proven itself a more than competent medium science ship - design aesthetics play little part, however, as logic has dictated the placement of every curve (read: angle) on the ship.

This ship is based on a concept sketch for the T'Pau from TNG: "Unification".

More about this design on Jack's website:
Surak-Class Proposal



Preliminary orthographic views
Colored three-quarter view
3D model



Original design by Rick Sternbach
Adopted by Jack and Jason
Finalized drawings and emblems by Kris
3D model by Robert Crosswell


Last modified: 28.03.13