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Specs & Schematics

Length: 222m
Height: 33m
Width: 104m
Mass: 135,400mt
Speed: Warp 7 (max. cruise), Warp 9 (max. emergency)
Crew complement: 15 + 83

Antares, sheet 1

Antares, sheet 2


The Problem

1. The name Antares for a starship was first used in the TOS episode "Charlie X", but screen evidence was missing until the remastering of the episode, and the registry remained unknown for the next 25 years. It is possible that the NCC-501 given in the Star Trek Encyclopedia was never supposed to be the Antares's registry in the old TOS script and was just made up by Okuda. In the entry about the U.S.S. Antares the Star Trek Encyclopedia says that "writer/consultant Naren Shankar suggested that the Bajoran cargo vessels in 'Ensign Ro' (TNG) be designated as Antares-class ships, a tip of the hat to 'Charlie X'". This is merely backstage information and has been contradicted in TOS-R: "Charlie X".

2. Antares-class ships are frequently used by civilian (human and alien) owners since TNG. There is plenty of screen evidence of the ships. The problem is that they are actually considerably different designs! The only thing they have in common is that they are usually described as obsolete and don't look like Starfleet designs at all. Among the ships called "Antares class" are:

a) the Talarian ship Batris (TNG: "Heart of Glory") - a modular vessel carrying cargo containers

b) the Corvallen freighter (TNG: "Face of the Enemy") - an equally boxy, but different design

c) the Bajoran version whose warp drive is defunct (TNG: "Ensign Ro") - a ship with a triangular basic shape

d) Kasidy Yates's ship Xhosa (DS9: "Way of the Warrior", "For the Cause") - obviously a modification of the Batris

The entry about the "Antares-class carrier" in the Encyclopedia doesn't distinguish between these designs at all and suggests that all ships should look like the Batris. Moreover, the annotations to the entry speculate: "We further wonder if this might be what the ship in 'Charlie X' (TOS) looked like." This is not possible any longer since TOS-R: "Charlie X".

3. Starfleet also has an Antares class as of 2368. The USS Hermes NCC-10376 is the only known ship of this class, and it could not be identified on screen, but was only listed with its name and registry as participating in the generation of the tachyon grid (TNG: "Redemption"). It is interesting that there is neither a direct reference to the U.S.S. Antares NCC-501 nor to the (alien) Antares-class cargo ships.

4. Chakotay's ship (the Maquis raider) is classified as Antares class in Jeri Taylor's novel Pathways. This doesn't comply with the above Encyclopedia entries at all, and it hasn't found its way into the Encyclopedia or Fact Files so far, although Jeri Taylor's books are allegedly canonical. One big problem is that Chakotay's raider doesn't look like a TOS ship. Actually, with its hundreds of obviously improvised hull extensions it doesn't look like a Starfleet ship at all.

So what would "our Antares", the Starfleet Antares class, namely the U.S.S. Hermes look like? Like an alien freighter, like an old ship that was around already at the time of TOS, like Chakotay's raider or like something else?


Preliminary Designs

Note that all of these proposals predate the actual appearance of the U.S.S. Antares in TOS-R: "Charlie X".

Concordance Antares

Concordance Antares
by Brian Pimenta
from Bjo Trimble's Concordance
colored by Jason

Antares, dorsal
by Reverend

Antares, ventral
by Reverend

Antares plaque

Computer screen, animated

Antares refit, dorsal

Antares refit, starboard

Antares refit, bridge

Hermes plaque


Antares class patch

Antares Lines logo

Refit side view, 4 versions

Refit nacelles

Ramscoop proposals

Saucer proposals
Other proposals

Lance's Antares
by Mike
colored by Jason
Antares raider, top view
by Ryan
Antares raider, side view
by Ryan
Scene with Antares raiders
by Ryan

Matt's Antares
by Matt Dock

Antares freighter, side view
by Ryan

Antares freighter with nacelles
by Masaki Taniko

Comparison with Batris
by Masaki Taniko

Antares freighter hull sections
by Masaki Taniko

Pre-TOS Antares
by J

TOS Antares
by J

Post-TOS Antares
by J

The Concordance design that was refined by Reverend looks very nice, and it would fit well into the TOS era. Lance has conceived an original design which may have existed back in TOS but would be also suited for the TNG Hermes. Ryan's first approach is to make the Antares class a raider, as stated in Jeri Taylor's book. It could have been around for some decades and may even have existed in TOS. The necessary detail changes will show if this works. On the other hand, the Maquis raider was said to be of the Ju'day class in the episode VOY: "Repression" and a recent article in Star Trek: The Magazine. Ryan has also been thinking of Starfleet using the same design as various civilians and aliens. The result is an Antares-class freighter which has recently been refined by Masaki Taniko. Finally, there is a somewhat modular design by J who proposes that the Antares (NCC-501) is a very old ship and was upgraded at least two times, each time changing the overall appearance.

We have finally settled on the Concordance Antares, refined and rescaled by Kris. The ship's saucer and nacelles are similar in their appearance to the Constitution class. Yet, they are not simply scaled down, as there are considerable detail changes.

In the light of the remastered version of "Charlie X" Reverend has once again revised some design decisions. The latest Antares keeps the basic look of the ship from the Concordance. Yet, it is not supposed to be a TOS era design any longer that was later refitted. The new Antares was launched in 2269, as some sort of precursor to the Enterprise refit of 2271.



Design by Brian Pimenta from Bjo Trimble's Concordance
Refined by Kris


Last modified: 28.03.13