Mediterranean Class
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Specs & Schematics

Technical supply ship
Length: 190m
Beam: 136m
Height: 41m
Deck count: 10
Crew complement: 30
Orthographic views


Design History

The Mediterranean is a small ship especially equipped to transport medical, technical and scientific equipment or weapons to remote outposts or starships operating at the Federation borders. The ship itself is armed with type 7 phasers only. Large doors provide easy access to the shuttlebay/cargo section which occupies most part of the saucer. The ship is not suited for bulky equipment, it is intentionally designed small and simple, for it usually delivers urgently needed goods.



Dave's model

3D model top view
3D model bottom view
3D model front and rear view

3D model side view
3D model oblique front view
USS Lalo's last moments
Bob's model

3D model 5 views

3D model top view



Design by Bernd
3D model by
Lalo vs. Borg image modified by Jason
3D model by Robert Crosswell


Last modified: 28.03.13