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Andromeda Antares Bradbury Deneva
Hokule'a Istanbul Korolev Mediterranean
Merced Renaissance Sequoia Surak
Wambundu Yorkshire


These ship sketches have been discussed at the ASDB, but were dropped in favor of competitive designs.

Challenger (1)  
Refined by
Length: 315m This version of the Challenger class appeared in a TNG comic in 1991. It was previously believed that this is actually the design of the USS Buran as seen at Wolf 359.  
Angled view
Side view
redrawn by Kris
Challenger (2) 
Design by
Length: 471m
Beam: 348m
Draft: 66m
20 decks
Crew: approx. 500
Jonah takes into account the registries given for the Challenger class, and he makes the ship a pre-Galaxy era design, anticipating the warp nacelle style, for instance. The depicted sketches are meant as a guide for a computer rendering.  
Oblique view
Top view
Chimera (1)
Design by
Length: 482m
Crew complement: 276
First commissioned 2357
Top and side view
Korolev (2)
Design by
Heavy cruiser    
Side, top and front view
Sequoia (2)
Design by
Medium cruiser The Sequoia is a design of the 2360's, showing typical design features of the Galaxy class as well as more recent designs such as the Prometheus.  
3D design (nacelles to be added)
Istanbul (2)
Design by
Length: 450m
Beam: 219m
Height: 82m
Decks: 18
Crew Complement: 55
Passenger Complement: 2000
Cruising speed: Warp 6
Max. cruise: Warp 7.5
Max. speed: Warp 8.2
The Istanbul is capable of carrying a complete first set of supplies to begin a colony on a Class-M planet where no terraforming is required. The design uses four nacelles because of the large cargo capacity. The engines can also be configured to use only two at a time, in case of damage or stress to one or two nacelles.  
Top and side view
Istanbul (3)
Design by
No specs available    
Top and front view
Istanbul (4 and 5)
Designs by
No specs available These are still two more designs for our former "problem ship". The problem is that the Istanbul as a transport ship is rather not supposed to look sleek and elegant like a "real" starship, on the other hand, we don't want just an enlarged version of the Sydney or Erewhon class.  
Version 4
Version 5
Istanbul (6 and 6a)
Designs by
No specs available Still two more of them.  
Version 6
Version 6a
Merced (2)
Design by


Length: 324m
Beam: 186m
Height: 72m




First sketches
Orthographic views

3D rear view
by Dr. Bob

3D front view
by Dr. Bob
Orthographic views

by Baloo
Rigel (1)
Design by
No specs available This Rigel version follows very basic specs from previous fan descriptions (Galaxy saucer, three nacelles), but ignores the ridiculous detail that the ship was supposed to have a Constitution class engineering hull.  
Various views
Springfield, Rigel (2)
Designs by
No specs available Two vessels that could have been at Wolf 359. The upper ship could be a Springfield-class (although there is a design known by now), the lower one a Rigel-class ship.  
Various views
Bradbury (2)
Design by
Length: 475m
Beam: 265m
Height: 92m
Decks: 22
Mass: 3.075Mt
Crew: 420
Max. cruise: Warp 9.6
Max. speed: Warp 9.8
More about this design here  
3D view
Bradbury (3)
Design by
No specs available    
Orthographic views


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