Renaissance Class
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Specs & Schematics

Light cruiser
Length: 330m
Beam: 199m
Deck count: 19
Crew complement: 240
Warning: small file (64K),
but 3123*905 pixels!
Dedication plaque


Design History

The Renaissance class is a compact multi-purpose ship developed to replace the Constitution class. A milestone in starship design, the prototype USS Renaissance incorporated only few components and design features of previous ship classes. The ship was commissioned in 2305. Several batches of Renaissance -class ships were produced until 2337. The last ship, the USS Hokkaido, was the only one delivered with ASRVs (autonomous survival and recovery vehicles), however, several ships of the newer batches were refitted in the 2360's, and ASRVs were added along with Type 8 phaser strips.



Dave's model

3D model, top view

3D model, bottom view
3D model, side view

3D model, fore and aft views

3D model, angled view
Bridge, preliminary version
Scenes by Jason

Renaissance and Excalibur

Renaissance and 1701-C, part I...

...and part II
Bob's model

3D model, top view

3D model, rear view

3D model, cut-away



Original design by Bernd
Dedication plaque by Jason
Modeled in Truespace 2 by Dave-s
Textures: saucer Aztec, hull panels and main deflector by Scifi Art; impulse, shuttle bay door, warp grille and center of deflector by Ralph Schoberth & Trevor Morris *; other textures and texture re-coloring by Dave-s
3D model by Robert Crosswell

* Actual creators of the Galaxy-class USS Enterprise that the textures were taken from. They may not have made the textures.


Last modified: 28.03.13