Korolev Class
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Specs & Schematics

Heavy cruiser
Length: 417m
Width: 190m
Height: 84m
Max. speed: Warp 9.1 (short term)
First commissioned 2345

Korolev, sheet 1
Korolev, sheet 2


Design History

The Korolev Class is a widely-used, yet seldom-seen starship. Production was in full swing in 2350, as a smaller counterpart to the already aging Ambassador Class. A number of Korolevs saw their operational lives abruptly terminated in the Borg incursion of 2367, at the Battle of Wolf 359. Though most have been refit, and can more than hold their own, recent years have seen them largely assigned to the Federation's territory in Beta Quadrant.


Captain's Yacht

Captain's yacht

Cross-section and deck plan

Docking bay schematic

CGI, different views

CGI, oblique view

CGI, fore view

CGI, door detail

CGI, "model kit"

Warp-capable refit

Airlock label
Thelin dedication plaque


Redesign Development

Redesign sketch

Redesign sketch 2

Redesign options

Almost there


Preliminary Design

Before Jason and Kris came up with the current, Olympic-like secondary hull, the Korolev class was widely accepted to look like this.

First sketch
Scale drawing
Improved top view

Possible design revisions
3D model, front view

3D model, rear view

3D model, top view

3D model, formation

Korolev at DS9

Preliminary emblem
Preliminary dedication plaque

Goddard dedication plaque



Design and redesign by Jason
Improved schematics, graphics and captain's yacht by Kris
Preliminary 3D model by Rob Caves
Yacht 3D model by Kenny


Last modified: 28.03.13